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Were you also in awe of the many stunning dresses at yesterday’s inauguration of the Dutch King?  I was plastered to my TV screen to not miss a moment of the parade of gowns strutting by. Big surprise of the day were the yellow princess’ dresses by Spanish brand Pili Carrera, which complete collection is exclusively sold in the Netherlands at webshop The web boutique Petit Chic has been a favourite of mine for over a year now, and I featured their high end designs and their Pili Carrera collection in previous blog posts (read e.g.  here, or here). Queen Maxima must have read my blog (let’s pretend she did) because on April 25th 2012 I published this article: “Pili Carrera: for your little princess.  And now it seems Queen Maxima is also a fan of the brand, as all three princesses were elegantly dressed in these Spanish designs, not once, but twice this week! (continue reading after the photo)

gele prinsessen jurkjes Pili Carrera

At the church rehearsal on Monday the princesses were also dressed in Pili Carrera outfits from the new summer collection. We also saw a lot of cobalt blue, a colour trend that seems to be on the rise. We found several designs in cobalt in the Petit Chic boutique collection as well. Petit Chic ships internationally and is currently working on an English website. The Dutch web shop is very user friendly, making it already easily accessible to international shoppers. So shop your regal look, and don’t forget to wave!

prinsessenjurkje kroning jurkje 2

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3 thoughts on “Shop the Royal Style at Petit Chic

  1. Thanks for telling me who made the girls’ dresses! I thought your new King and family looked great, especially the 3 beautiful girls. yellow was a nice touch – sunny, happy, fresh. The entire country seemed to be a sea of orange from what I could tell so the yellow was both complementary but standing out from the crowd.

    Now if only someone could tell the UK Duchess of Cambridge how to dress appropriately – quite a few occasions she’s come close to flashing her Royal baby-maker in short dresses.

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