The iconic Cambridge bag

I vividly remember my big brown leather school bag. In the Netherlands it was the typical bag of all 7th graders (in Dutch: brugpiepers/brugklassers).  Because as you got older, it wasn’t cool anymore and everyone switched to a backpack. Who would have thought that 25 years later, I would buy a modern version of it? Yes, I also have the iconic Cambridge satchel: A classic bag with a modern twist.

cambridge satchel

my 11 inch, honeysuckle satchel from the Chelsea Collection

It’s been a huge hype for quite some time now, with waiting lists and all. The bag that was supposed to be a fun school bag for the designer’s daughter, grew out to be a fashion accessory for adults. Instead of being just a school bag, it’s now showing up on catwalks and on the hips of celebrities. A real success story of a mom who started from home with a budget of only £600. Watch the video and then scroll down to read on.

The leather bag has a simple design, and comes in 3 different sizes 11, 13 and 15 inch, and in an array of colours: Fluorescents, pastels, classic colours, and duo tones. And to make it even better, you can have your name or initials embossed on it. The Chelsea Collection is my favourite, consisting of a pastel colour palette which is inspired by the quintessentially British Chelsea Flower Show and flowers which blossom throughout the spring and summer months.  Crocus Cream Beauty, Honeysuckle, Lavender and Sweet Pea. I already ordered the sweet pea with golden embossing.

cambridge satchels

The 13 inch is large enough to hold your iPad, or a small laptop, and the 15 inch is perfect for work to carry your folders and paperwork. Wear it cross-body or tuck in the handle and use it as a clutch. For spring/summer 2013 Cambridge teamed up with designer Chris Benz to create a 9 inch model. Visit the website to order yours, or find a store near you that doesn’t have a waiting list (good luck!)



  1. Oh yes, it’s such a cool bag! And I love the color-coordinated nail polish. How typically Louise 🙂

  2. I never leave home without my Cambridge satchel. It’s brilliant! so robust and you can use it for all occasions. I usually store my Mac in mine when I travel. xx

  3. It’s incredible how famous and far reaching the Cambridge Satchel has become. Did you know it all started by sending a few brightly coloured bags to bloggers and that got the word out before any other publications? Real grassroots marketing! It’s also starred in a Google TV ad!

    If you haven’t seen, it’s here 🙂

    Which is your favourite colour? I love the dark blue version!

    • Hi Michael, thank you for your message. Yes , I read all about the history and also watched the video. I think it’s great! My favourite colour is the vintage blue one, in the new collection. I think they call it sweet pea. I had to wait 4 weeks so instead I bought the coral one. Now I’m saving for the other 🙂


  1. […] with the Honeysuckle colour, but I soon will and I can’t wait! I saw online that another blogger owns this beautiful satchel as well, and her photos are gorgeous! She posted the bag with orange tulips next to it and it looks […]

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