Koh Manicure-to-go and the Ring finger manicure trend

Last Sunday my best friend and I went into the city to catch up on the latest gossip and treat ourselves to some quality time together. We visited a thrift market, lunched outside and did some shopping. When we entered department store De Bijenkorf, we were lured to the newly opened Koh experience corner to try one of their “manicure to go” treatments. I love the fact that at Koh in de Bijenkorf, you don’t have to make an appointment for a manicure and can just go whenever you feel like you need some pampering. You can get a basic manicure in only 10 minutes and continue shopping or whatever you were planning to do.


I opted for a summer trend that I hadn’t tried until now: the ring finger manicure. It’s very hip to have your ring finger painted differently from the rest. A different splash of colour, two-tone, or some extra glitter, as long as it stands out. Even if your workplace is conservative, you can pull off the ring finger manicure by using tone-sur-tone,  or a same-color glitter polish. The effect will be subtle, but eye-catching all the same. [continue reading after photos]

IMG_5527 IMG_5528


For my manicure I chose the above summer colours: both are turquoise blue like the tropical sea, but my ring finger is matte and a hue darker. My other finger nails have a lighter hue with glitters. (which you can’t really see in this picture)

4 Tips for healthier and beautiful nails

The manicure consisted of several steps and an consulting session in which every step was explained: First she used a purifying polish remover without aceton. Then she used a large crystal nail file to shape my nails. Tip 1: never ever cut your nails, and file them at least once a week moving inwards to the middle. Cutting your nails cause chips and bruises your nail structure.


In the next step she used 3 different glossy nail buffers to even my nails and get rid of blemishes and make them shine. Next step is the cuticle care. She used cuticle purifying response to soften and soak them first, then a nail pusher and cleaning stick. Tip 2: take care of your cuticles once a week and soften and soak them before pushing them back with special cuticle oil.


Then we could start with applying a base coat, 2 layers of nail polish, and a top coat. Tip 3: Always apply a base coat to protect your nails from the colouring, and always use a top coat to protect the colour and make it last longer.

She finished the treatment with drops of cuticle nourishing oil using a pen-like brush, a great invention if you ask me. It consists of Aloe Vera, jojoba oil, tea tree oil and shea butter. And last but not least a silk experience hand cream that really softened my hands and made my skin shine. Tip 4: moisturize your hands several times a day with a good hand lotion.




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