7x Summer on a plate – revisited

Sometimes I forget how many recipes I already shared with you. As I was going through my photo folders on my computer, I rediscovered a few recipes I hadn’t made in a while, which are perfect for the season. I can imagine that you don’t remember either, or maybe you weren’t following 30s magazine last year. So today I would like to revisit 7 of my favourite recipes for summer.

P.S. Do you have the app Flipboard on your phone or iPad? All of my recipes are now conveniently compiled in a magazine for you to flip through: 30s Magazine for Foodies: http://flip.it/7c5rh Or look for user profile @louisedemir and find more of my flipboard magazines like several cityguides.

summer recipes 1

Raspberry, lime and coconut milk creams for dessert or Plums on brioche toast with goatcheese and lavender syrup for a decadent brunch

summer recipes 2

A beef and blackberry salad with walnuts and blue cheese or a mixed tomato tartin for a light supper

summer recipes 3

Citrus-honey glazed chicken with thyme or a couscous salad with pommegranate, feta cheese and radish for a dinner in the garden


And lemon-butter spaghetti with chicken parmesan before you go out on the tennis court or for that long walk on the beach

I hope you enjoy my recipes. What is your favourite recipe for a summer’s day?

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