A Seasoned Sipper

Are you still enjoying the summer? I can’t remember when we had such a good summer like this before. But let’s face it, we deserved one after that extended winter. We entirely skipped spring this year, and winter lasted from November till May. Then in June we had autumn, or at least the matching climate. And then finally, in July we turned back to normality. In summary, the seasons are all mixed up. Good thing there are things to remind you of what it used to be like. The 4 seasons mugs for example, by Puhlmann. The illustrations are designs by Merel Maltha. And no matter what season we are in, we will continue to drink our coffee and hot tea. Being a blossom fan I like the spring one best. Which one is your favourite? You can buy the whole set for €14,95 4-SEASONS-MUGS-2

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