Stand out in the crowd

Do you know the feeling when you are waiting for your suitcase at the conveyor belt and think you’ve spotted your luggage, only to find out that it’s not? Although it doesn’t happen that often to me because I have a white suitcase and ribbon attached to the handle, I do see it happening to my fellow travellers all the time. That’s why I like the Loqi suitcase covers so much. Beside being functional in making your suitcase stand out, they also protect your luggage and keep your suitcase undamaged and clean.  I just ordered one for my white suitcase and can’t wait to use it on my next trip.

The colourful URBAN designs will be a reminder of your travels to favourite far away places from London to Italy and Moscow. They are washable, water resistant, eco-friendly and stretchy. And they are only 23 euros.

loqi luggage covers

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  1. Those are real fun and in a world where nearly everyone has a black case, they really help you to stand out. Great find x


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