Soft and shiny hair with Rusk

This might sound like a commercial, but it’s true: Rusk hair care products really make your hair shine and soft. I was introduced to this high end professional hair care brand by my hair dresser who uses it rigidly. And since I go to the hairdresser bi weekly, I get to experience it often. Hair Rusk has 5 different types of hair product lines, Coral Therapy, Deep Shine, Designer Collection, Pro Elements and Sensories. Each has it’s own unique blends of botanical ingredients with a new Compressed Formula Technology. The compressed formulas expand with just a little water and gentle manipulation, making a little hair product go a long way. You can use less while getting the all the botanical benefits for your hair.

The Sensories is my favourite. The fragrance is a sweet subtle smell, and it makes my hair so smooth and soft. And the packaging is so cute and eye-catching!

IMG_8008 IMG_8010 IMG_8013 IMG_8016

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