Book review: A Suitcase and a Spatula

Yet another great cooking book by a blogger came out. This time it’s by Tori Haschka, Sydney based writer of the popular blog Eatori. Her book A suitcase and a Spatula,  Recipes and stories from around the world captures the flavours and ingredients from Tori’s many journeys. It’s an exploration of cities and landscapes through food. “Nothing can transport me back to a place like taste”, says Tori in her introductory chapter. “it’s the food that keeps the journeys alive”.


I couldn’t agree more. Whenever I get back from a trip I try to hold on to the happy times by cooking the food I had at my destination. Instead of buying quirky and tacky souvenirs, I buy spices and coffee, wine and cheese to smuggle back home. Therefore I was immediately drawn to this book and the recipes. The book is a great compilation of typical dishes from around the world. No haute cuisine or difficult and fussy kitchen tricks but easy and accessible dishes with ingredients you most likely have in your pantry. Comfort food, quick salads and mouthwatering streetfood recipes are part of the no-fuss recipe list. The book is divided in four chapters:

suitcase and a spatula cookbook

Chapter one – Off to a good start- is all about food for a sociable start to the day and when you crave breakfast for dinner. Think raspberry-croissant pudding from Paris, or baked Moroccan eggs from Agadir. The second chapter celebrates summer dishes that are best eaten with sand between your toes. Scrumptious sardines with campari, fennel and peach from Venice, sangria prawns from Estoril, Portugal, or lamb meatballs from Greece, just to name a few.


In the Winter chapter, the third chapter of the book, we are treated to recipes best eaten in front of a fire e.g. indulging roast apple and pumpkin soup from the Blue Mountains, And a black forest cheese strudel from Berlin couldn’t lack. The last chapter features the sweet stuff: desserts for sharing treats for sneaking and things to call on when a grey day needs a lift.


A great book with recipes that take you back to that favourite holiday, with beautiful photographs by Isobel Wield and illustrations by Andrea Turvey.

A Suitcase and a Spatula, by Tori Haschka, Ryland Peters and Small publishing, 2013, ISBN 978-1-84975-349-4


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