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The Netherlands has finally caught on to one of the best series of 2013! This Saturday Dutch TV (NED 2, 20.05-22.00 hrs) finally starts airing the already renowned and much talked about prime time tv hit in Britain and the USA. Mr Selfridge is a British costume drama following the life of Harry Gordon Selfridge and his family, an American businessman from Chicago who settles in London to open a department store we now all know as Selfridges.

After Downton Abbey I would never had thought that there would be another TV  series that would captivate me as much as Mr Selfridge does.  I quickly caught on to it via my British friends on twitter, and anxiously downloaded the first episode the day after it premiered early this year. I’ve been hooked ever since and followed the complete first season. I’m now awaiting the second season to air on British television. Mr Selfridge speaks to me on so many levels. I admire his vision and the way he dared to push boundaries and question the “codes of normality” while chasing his dreams.  He empowered his staff, and had the confidence to roll the dice (figuratively and literally). He made shopping an experience by e.g. including a cafe and giving customers a choice and the ability to browse and feel things. He embodies my definition of leadership.

The serie also focuses on the emancipation of women, in 2 ways: suffrage and the “right” to choose when shopping. The red gloves that are prominent in the first episode are an obvious symbol of choice, but also women’s suffrage is touched upon frequently.

The drama is chock full of love affairs and seduction.  Selfridge seduced his customers by displaying luxury goods on the counter or selling French make-up brands. But he was also known for his extramarital affairs,  leaving ‘withered’ traces on his relationship with his wife Rose. Besides the Selfridge family storyline, we also get plenty of glimpses in the lives of his employees. So don’t miss this captivating story, a must-see this Saturday!

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  1. I’ve been wanting to watch this show ever since our trip to England this summer. There were two couples in our tour group who told my husband and I that they nicknamed us Mr. and Mrs. Selfridge. Not because of the drama, but evidently they thought we resembled them. Ever since then I’ve been wanting to check out the show. I love Downton Abbey as well. I can’t wait for the new season. I’ll have to add the Selfridges to my list now!

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