6 Easter Brunch Recipes – revisited

Easter brunch is only a week away. This year I’m not hosting the brunch so I haven’t been experimenting with recipes or trying out new things. Nonetheless, I have a range of scrumptious recipes up my sleeve in case I do have to contribute something. Browsing my archives I came up with a top 6 of my favourites. What are you making this Easter brunch?

Mini pesto soufflesGet the recipe


2. Spring salad with king prawns, grapefruit and asparagusGet the recipe

summer salad with king prawn

3. Croque Madamme MuffinsGet the recipe

croque madamme muffin

4. One-person Tomato Tarts au gratinGet the recipe

tomato tarts

5. Raspberry, lime and cocounut milk cream pots – Get the recipe



6. Japanese Cherry Blossom CheesecakeGet the recipe

cherry blossom cheesecake


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