Trend: Matte Black Interiors

Would you paint your walls black? While black interiors were once considered gloomy or gothic, it’s now glamorous and sexy. The masses have caught on to the signature look of interior designer Abigail Ahern who is the exemplary in painting walls and ceilings black. When applied correctly instead of being dark, it’ll be dramatic, giving depth and dimension to a room. To balance out the harshness use contrasting accessories and furniture. Also take into account the light because depending on the space and windows, a black wall can have a different undertone like e.g. blue. Black walls are not restricted to a certain style, from modern, to bohemian chic or eclectic it is the hottest trend.

black kitchen wall

black wall 1 black wall 2 black wall 3 black wall 4 black wall 5 black wall 6 black wall 7

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