Athens hot spot: Tailor Made micro Roastery & Cocktail bar

When travelling it is always a challenge to find a good coffee place. When I was on my city trip to Athens, I soon found out that for the Greek, coffee is a big deal. The city is therefore chock full of kafeneios, (traditional coffee houses) and kafeterias, the modern cafe. But for the best brew in the city you go to Tailor Made in the centre, right on bustling  Agias Eirinis square. The lively square is only a stone throw from crowd attracting Monastiraki, so perfectly located for a pit stop or coffee-to-goThe micro roastery, expertly brews artisan coffee with sustainable beans. From filtered coffee to espressos, your order will be hand-brewed right in front of your eyes.

Tailor Made AthensIMG_1733ed

More than coffee

They also serve deliciously unique tea blends and infusions like Gingerbread, Apple Strudel, Blood Orange and Plum, alongside the more traditional- and herb teas. At the bar you can order an array of classic and edgy cocktails late into the wee hours. Expect it to be always busy though. I managed to take some of my photos early morning at opening time, when it’s quiet, but during the day and in the evening it is quite the opposite.



The interior design

There is also much to say about the space itself. The interior design was an idea by UnderTheSpell Design and Illustration Lab. They used natural colours and reclaimed materials to create a raw industrial look. Large glass floor to ceiling doors and windows let in enough light to make it a comfortable place to meet or work. The cafe is divided into two areas. Focal point in the bar area is a bare brick wall, partly plastered, with a carved mural of Ernst Ziller, a German architect who designed some of the most beautiful buildings in Athens. The carving was inspired by the work of Portugese artist Alexandre Farto a.k.a. Vhils who has made works like this around the globe. Old industrial pallets are repurposed into a DJ corner and bookcases. Vintage radios are mounted on the wall and repurposed into loudspeakers. I returned to Tailor Made later that night to take another photo of it, beautifully lit.IMG_1735ed


The bar counter is made of old wooden doors and drawers. As a backdrop you’ll see huge sewing patterns as a tribute to the many tailors and fabric stores in the area. This partly also explains the name of the micro brewery. It is an ode to the traditional, and still operating craft, as well as a reference to the customized blends and cocktail mixes.


The smaller coffee bar area is where the brewing is done. You can sit around a large table constructed of a pile of coffee sacks and a wooden table top and watch how the baristas work their magic. On the wall are vintage crates used as display boxes with teas and coffees to purchase and take home. A chalkboard illustration explains the coffee process in a fun and creative way.

IMG_7796Tailor Made brewery

As you can see I visited the place both at daytime and at night. The atmosphere at night is much more hip with a younger hipster crowd, and a DJ rocking the place. During the day it is a popular meeting place for people of all ages and walks of life.

Visit the Tailor Made website for more information. For more Athens tips on this blog, go here or visit





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