Perk up your curb appeal with plants (like the Greek do)

Now that spring has sprung it is time to perk up our balconies, gardens and curbs again, as we will be spending more time outside. In the Netherlands I love how people who live in the city center instantly settle themselves in front of their house on a bench with a pot of tea and a book to enjoy those first rays of sun. You can’t blame them, because if I didn’t have a balcony, I would do the same. But also my neighbours who do have gardens or balconies, swap places from the front of their house to the back garden to absorb the sun hours from early morning till evening. While I was in Greece I was amazed by the curb appeal of the Greek, who are obviously big fans of plants. They didn’t leave a spot unused to adorn it with greenery. Stairs, pavements and every ridge or small corner was spruced up with one or a group of plants. It makes the atmosphere in streets so much friendlier and quaint. I think we can really learn something from the Greek. Let’s see how the street view in Athens and Mykonos is enhanced by plants…

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    1. I was thinking about going to Greece again too, but because of the political insecurities decided to do France instead and go there next year again. Don’t want to be there and e.g. not be able to get money out of an atm

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