Athens hot spot: Cartone

One of the hippest neighbourhoods, where mostly youngsters go out for dinner and drinks in Athens is Gazi. I went there once at night, when it was crowded and a great spot for people watching. During lunch time it is less busy but still bustling and fun. One of my favourite restaurants at Keramikos Square is Bar & Restaurant Cartone. The service is excellent, there’s an outside terrace, and the food is good and affordable. They serve a varied menu with options including grill, burgers, and pasta. But what I loved most about the place was the decor, very original. As the name suggests, everything was made out of carton. A huge carton car is stuck on the wall. In the middle of the room they created an atrium simulating a butcher. The ceiling is covered with carton boxes.  And carton mopeds dangle above the bar. The place is rough and robust yet also comfy and laid-back. Cartone is über cool, and a must see for folks who like quirky and unusual interiors.IMG_1844

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