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I’m obsessed with flowers, as you might know by now as a regular reader. I was therefore thrilled to find out about this new service/subscription called Bloomon, that is available in the Netherlands and certain parts of Germany. It is the perfect solution for all women (and men) who adore flowers but don’t have much time to go to the florist, or for those who just don’t have the patience or talent to arrange a nice floral arrangement. But it’s also for all of you out there, just like me, who are obsessed with flowers and would like to treat yourself to an exquisite bunch of blooms you might not have picked yourself because you developed a certain style. [continue reading after jump]IMG_4891IMG_4872

What you’ll get

The hand-bound floral arrangement is always a surprise. TV flower stylist Anton van Duijn selects and designs the floral arrangements by combining seasonal flowers. The arrangements are mostly wild flowers without too much filler green, and most importantly diversified. You receive the bouquet with an instruction card and background information on the different flowers. Some of the flowers are still buds when you get them, so that you can see them opening up and blooming as the days go by.

Last week I received this stunning wild floral arrangement with blooms that herald spring. The French parrot tulips is a typical early spring flower. The bright yellow forsythia and the pink astrantia major give the bouquet that wild field flower touch and are usually the first signs of spring.IMG_4887IMG_4871IMG_4881IMG_4896

How does it work?

Bloomon is a flexible weekly, biweekly, or monthly subscription. You go to the website, pick how often you would like to receive a bouquet, and what size you would like (S, M, L). You can cancel, put on hold, or change your subscription at any time. Once you made your order, the flowers are delivered to your home on a weekday evening. Isn’t that convenient for all of us who work during the day? And if you’re not home, they’ll leave it at one of your neighbours’ in a small bucket and will send you a text message to notify you about it. [continue reading after jump]IMG_4886IMG_4878

Extras and service

One of the strenghts of Bloomon, besides the gorgeous flowers, are their ways of communication. It really makes them stand out from other flower services. After subscribing to Bloomon you receive a personal thank you note for becoming a client, including information about the service and delivery, advise on what vase to use and how to take care of your flowers to make them last as long as possible. In addition, Bloomon sends you a phone text message to notify you of the day and time of delivery, one day prior to the planned date.

Another communication tool that adds character to the Bloomon service is, as mentioned before, that each bouquet comes with a card giving caring instructions and background info about the flowers. I love the Bloomon service, the way it’s thought out, and how they make life a bit easier and more beautiful. I can imagine it would work especially well for career women with demanding jobs or for moms with a career and little time in the weekends because they have to take the kids to soccer practice on Saturday morning. IMG_4900Bloomon communicationsIMG_4879

Although this blog post was created in collaboration with Bloomon through a gift, I like to reiterate that I only recommend products and services I really like and feel are good for my readers.

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