Jamey Bennet Den Haag

The Hague Favourite: Jamey Bennet

The Hague has a new kid on the block: Kitchen & Bar Jamey Bennet. A few weeks ago I went to check out this new hot spot and I was pleasantly surprised. My verdict? Jamey Bennet is definitely a keeper with its hip interior, great ambiance and delicious food.  On a weekday night the crowd is a mix of expats, 30-50 year-olds, and a few students. The setting is like a living room with an international and brasserie-like vibe.

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The name Jamey Bennet derives from a British undercover agent who supposedly lived in The Hague. Hence the cool details in the interior, like a revolver lamp designed by Billy Leliveld (Oom Jan lampen), a vintage phone lamp, Chesterfields, deer heads, and a large painting of Mr Bennet. Since Jamey Bennet was an avid traveller, the menu is also international. Think: Argentinian gambas, raw tuna pizza, cola glazed spareribs, or burrata.

Jamey Bennet Den Haag

Jamey Bennet Den Haag

Jamey Bennet Den Haag

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At Jamey Bennet it’s all about shared dining. You can order multiple small dishes to sample and share with your party. My friend and I started in style with Gin Tonic cocktails. The bar area is a mix of modern marble tables, with classic British Chesterfields around the fireplace. In the back there are two areas to dine across the open kitchen and on the upper floor overlooking the entire space.

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As a starter we had bisque and artichoke soup. As mains we opted for the grilled asparagus with parmesan cheese, lamb racks with mint-coriander pesto, scallops with mango and chili butter sauce, and crab cakes with avocado and lime. All dishes were delicious but the lamb racks were our favourites. You could just taste the smokey grill flavour. I was also very impressed with the crab cakes which are often too dry in restaurants, but not here. As a dessert I had the trifle to stay in British spheres.

Jamey Bennet is open daily from 09:00 a.m.
Plaats 11, 2513 AD Den Haag
Website: http://www.jameybennett.nl/

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