IKEA 2017 collection

IKEA 2017 catalog and collections revealed

It’s that time of the year again. The new IKEA catalogue is out. For a lot of us it kind of feels like Christmas morning as you get to unpack and enjoy all those new things. Between 16-23 August you can expect to find the lookbook on your doormat. It is in fact the world’s largest publication with globally 211 million copies that appear in 48 countries in 32 languages.


So, what’s new?

  1. Different catalogue. The 2017 catalogue is different from other years. IKEA chose to make it more like a magazine with more editorial features about the designs and designers.
  2. The Kitchen. The catalog focuses this year on the kitchen. Besides new kitchens, kitchen tools, and tableware, they also introduce new products in their food assortment like e.g. the pulled salmon sandwich.
  3. Bike. IKEA introduces the SLADDA bicycle
  4. Collaborations. IKEA teams up with renowned design brands. Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek is introducing the JASSA collection in 2017 and a limited design collection INDUSTRIELL in 2018. Collections in collaboration with Danish design brand HAY, and British designer Tom Dixon are also expected to appear in summer 2017.
  5. New design talent. IKEA also continues to create a platform for new design talent. The new PS collection for example was a collaborative effort with design duo Truly TrulyIKEA 2017 collectionIKEA fiets

New designs: Minimalist and earth tones

What instantly stood out to me was that the new collections are mostly minimalist and in earth tones. You see many shades of grey, dark blues, muted colours, and natural materials like wicker. My favourites?

Kitchens with character: IKEA launches a new range of kitchen counter tops. The EKBACKEN collection is a laminated counter top but looks like marble, grey sand stone, or concrete. The SÄLJAN counter comes in seductive black marble. The LYSEKIL back splash collection adds sophistication to any kitchen.

IKEA 2017 collection IKEA 2017 collection

The KRYDDAD collection: A new handcrafted collection co-created with social entrepreneurs in India. This limited edition range is created by rural women in India, giving them sustainable livelyhoods. The women create artisan handcrafted products in Indian tradition. Think banana fibre baskets, and woven baskets and embroidered textiles.

IKEA 2017 collectionIKEA 2017 collectionIKEA 2017 collectionIKEA 2017 collection

Autumn newbies: This autumn we get to look forward to more rattan, like a rocking chair. Or spruce up your floor with a herringbone rug.

IKEA 2017 collectionIKEA 2017 collectionIKEA 2017 collection

Can’t wait for the print copy? The catalog is already available online and in your app store.





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