wild flower bouquet

Trend: Mixed wild flower bouquets 

It’s been a while since my last blog post about interior design trends. But that doesn’t mean that my love for it has faded. I’m already looking forward to the launch of new furniture and home decor collections in September and October. One thing that will never change is the use of plants and flowers in home decor. Something I have noticed, is that the type of floral arrangements has evolved. Mixed wild flower bouquets are a major trend.

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Especially in the Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain the mixed bouquets trend is booming due to the popular Bloomon service. With a Bloomon subscription the bouquets are created for you and delivered right at your doorstep, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. I have a monthly Bloomon subscription and the other weeks I get creative myself because I love to choose and buy fresh flowers every weekend.

wild flower bouquet

wild flower bouquet wild flower bouquet wild flower bouquetFlower picking farm versus flower shop

In summer I usually go to a nearby PYO (pick your own) picking field called Annemiekes Pluktuin in Hillegom, close to Haarlem, where you can hand-pick as many flowers as you like and pay by the stem. The pros of a hand-picked bouquet is that you get to spend time outside, and create a lush and versatile arrangement on a budget. Getting home you get to arrange them which adds so much satisfaction to the whole experience. Read my tips for a hand-picked summer bouquet.

On the other hand, choosing flowers in a flower shop gives more room for choosing colour palettes and creating a more sophisticated bunch. I love soft pastels and neutrals to match my home decor. And I love to arrange my flowers myself. A few years ago I even took an online course how to make flower arrangements and I still use the lessons learnt in that course today.

wild flower bouquet

Why flowers in your home matter

According to a study from Harvard, simply looking at flowers can boost people’s moods and energy in the morning, even if they aren’t typically “morning people.” They add colour and joy to a space. They balance out a furniture piece or decor vignette. But most of all, they make a room inviting and create ambiance. wild flower bouquet




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