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I was literally over the moon when I got my hands on the Louboutin nail polish. During my shopping trip to Paris I naturally stopped by the Louboutin shop and their in-store department at Le Printemps to catch a glimpse of the latest designs. One day I will buy a pair of those red soled high heels, but this time I was eyeing something else: their nail polish. Since it’s only available in Paris and the US, it is kind of limited and exclusive. Introducing a nail polish line wasn’t that strange of a choice when you know that the Christian Louboutin red sole’s history. The designer signature was born when he grabbed some nail polish from an assistant and painted the sole of a shoe he was working on red to make it more vibrant. Christian Louboutin nail polishLouboutin nail polish

The bottle’s shape is modeled after the iconic red sole shoes. From the bottom of the bottle to the very top of the handle, it measured exactly eight inches (as intended to match the tallest shoe ever designed by Louboutin, the Ballerina Ultima). Louboutin was inspired by calligraphy pens for the cap design — he wants you to feel like an artist while you’re manicuring.IMG_0208edIMG_0210ed

The collection includes 30 colors in three different categories: Pops, Nudes and Noirs, and is the most expensive luxury nail polish (€48). I chose the signature red nail polish and one from their nude hues called ‘Just Nothing’. The ‘Rouge’ red nail colour is medium red, creamy with a high shine finish. The Just Nothing is pale and creamy with a medium glossy finish. Both are nearly opaque after one coat and dry down pretty fast, faster than average brands. I also find them easier to apply due to the long-handled cap which is designed to ensure ergonomic comfort. It is therefore easy to apply and doesn’t streak.

Each bottle was nicely packed in a beautiful bag with a red ribbon. IMG_0203edIMG_0204ed


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