A bohemian chic decor in 5 steps

One of the most prevalent trends in home decor that started last year, is the bohemian chic style. The design style is actually a revival from the 1960s and it is characterized by bright colours, layers, mixed patterns and natural elements. Nowadays, it evolved a bit and interplays with the hotel boutique style that is also popular. The contemporary interpretation can be easily achieved in five steps that I would like to lay out today:

1 Tropical print wallpaper

Lush tropical banana leaves, jungle animals or big palm trees on your wall. It might seem overwhelming but if you apply it to an accent wall or backdrop it becomes a focal point that draws everything together. The Eiffinger tropical wallpaper from the Vivid collection as seen below has a vintage feel to it, but there are also loads of modern tropical wallpapers on the market.

2. Vintage finds

Add in a mid-century modern vase or a Hollywood Regency style set of wine glasses as table accessories to style the look. You can find these little treasures at flea markets for bargain prices.

3. Mix and match materials, styles and layers

Use different fabrics and materials to instantly get the bohemian chic look. The style uses a lot of velvet, brass, faux fur and culture clashes. Mix an old vintage wooden table with opulent velvet dinner chairs. Combine an Asian bamboo furniture piece with a Moroccan rug. Pile up the pillows and complement them with a soft throw for colder evenings.

4. velvet sofa and chairs

Velvet sofas, chairs and throw pillows create an opulent and sophisticated ambiance. The fabric is warm and rich and has a beautiful glow.

5. lush plants

Throw in a few lush jungle plants to get the tropical ambiance really going. The bigger the better.


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