10 Best Luxury Advent Calendars 2017

2017 is definitely the year of the Advent calendar. Not the traditional one that we had when we were kids, the one with a chocolate inside. This year the Advent days are celebrated like it's Christmas every day. We are pulling out all the stops to enhance our countdown till Christmas. Especially the beauty brands have cleverly created boxes that look so good that you just NEED to get one. My favourite is by Dyptique. By the time you finish the last door your home and you will smell so nice with … [Read more...]

DIY Advent Calendar

It's hard to believe that in only 5 weeks it's Christmas. The countdown to the holidays is such a festive period. Right after Thanksgiving I hurry to buy a tree and start decorating. An Advent calendar is also part of the anticipation. This year I started to craft mine early. I was inspired by the many decorating trends like copper, black, and candle holders in the shape of houses. I decided to make small boxes like little houses that hold small gifts. (scroll down for directions and the … [Read more...]

Happy Advent with an ombre candle

Happy first Advent everyone! This year, I kept my advent candle arrangement simple but beautiful nevertheless. The ombre candle was a gift by the designer Ulrike Jurklies and therefore extra special. There is no better candle to represent Christmas that is all about love and giving. The countdown has begun... The ombre candle is available in different colours in Ulrikes online shop, Momantai Design, together with other exquisite and unique Christmas designs. The clay labels are easily made … [Read more...]

5 DIY Advent Calendars

I'm already counting down to Christmas, but officially you shouldn't start until the first of December. That leaves us ten more days to make an advent calendar. Here is a round up of ideas to craft one that stands out. 1. Carnet Parisiens fill up a pine wooden tree with small origami pyramids. Just go to her blog for the tutorial. 2. This small bags bunting from Ahoimeise is perfect to stuff with pretty gifts. 3. You can buy these small craft houses at Mokkasin and decorate them … [Read more...]

Book review: Christmas with Fräulein Klein

If you buy any book this month, then you must buy the latest book of popular lifestyle blogger Yvonne Bauer, a.k.a. Fräulein Klein. Her book Weihnachten mit Fräulein Klein, published by Callwey, is yet another masterpiece boasting with DIY ideas, baking recipes, table settings, decorations and craft projects for the holidays. While her first book, which I reviewed last year (read here) was an inspirational source for all seasons, her second book focuses on Advent, Christmas and New Year's eve. … [Read more...]

Ladder Love: Countdown to Christmas

Today I'm sharing my second post in the Ladder Love series: a series of blog posts showing you how to decorate a ladder for the holidays. Earlier this week you could see how I decorated the rungs of a ladder for Thanksgiving. But what to do with your ladder after Thursday? Easy... use it as an advent calendar and count down to Christmas...literally!   You might also like: Ladder Love: Thanksgiving decorating idea DIY Advent Calendars Ladders aren't just for … [Read more...]

DIY Advent calendars

As a kid, I always loved the advent calendar. We always had the ones with small doors to open to find a chocolate hidden (surprise..NOT!) Traditionally every day should hold a tiny present. In the Netherlands, shops don't carry many different advent calendars, which made me go browse Pinterest for unique ideas. I found the most adorable and creatively crafted advent calendars, which is ofcourse much more fun than one you purchased. And I also made one myself! Here's my round up... Make your … [Read more...]