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I have a crush on the handbags designs by Omar Munie. His flagship store in the Hague on Noordeinde 43 and the other in Rotterdam are both a treat to every woman who loves handbags. Omar Munie is a young and talented Dutch designer. Through his creativity and perseverance he has acquired fame in the Dutch fashion world. His bags are seen as the perfect combination of functionality and design.

Because of a civil war in his native country Somalia, Omar fled at the age of 9 with his brothers and sister to the Netherlands. He wanted to start a new life here and concentrate on the future. His mother wanted him to be an accountant but already at a young age Omar knew that he would rather learn a creative profession and wanted to work with his hands. He went to the fashion school where he worked hard to develop his talents. While still in school he founded his own clothing line.

His bags are exclusive and handmade, and have a global appeal. The exotic touches such as the Sharie-sharie bag hanger and flowery French Munie-dust, leave an unforgettable impression. All bags of Omar Munie Clothing are made from the finest leathers, and have the most colorful linings. The low  number of 25 pieces ensures the uniqueness of each design from the Exclusive Line. Omar Munie uses different styles and all bags are surprisingly versatile. Nevertheless, each bag holds the unique signature of the designer.Muniebags-samengesteld-2


muniebag 2

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