London Shopping Guide: The Conran Shop

As you all know I travel to London regularly. It’s my favourite big city in Europe. During my latest trip I chose to go shopping in neighbourhood Chelsea in South Kensington. South Kensington is the cultural epicenter of London with its many museums and the Royal Albert Hall. I stayed in the fabulous Ampersand Hotel which is a perfect base to flock from into the prestigious area. From the South Kensington metro station it’s only a 10 minutes walk to the lively shopping street King’s Road which I will feature in a future shopping guide. On your way towards King’s Road you will pass The Conran Shop, a local favourite, and now also one of my favourite stores.

The Conran shop

At 81 Fulham Road you’ll find the Conran Shop. The shop offers everything from contemporary furnishings, famous design classics, vintage ‘one-off’ pieces of furniture, to practical and fun accessories. I especially liked the children’s department and their range of stationery. At their home fragrances section you can choose from an array of scented candles and incense brands. There are so many departments that I kept snapping photos and therefore will dedicate this blog post entirely to this fabulous store. A must-visit on your next trip to London!


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