Home Tour: Garage turns cool and edgy loft

On the last day of December 2013 I traveled to Amsterdam to meet James van der Velden, interior designer of the Citizen M hotels in London, Amsterdam and Rotterdam and owner of interior design studio Bricks Amsterdam, at his home. In the heart of Amsterdam’s neighborhood the Jordaan, he transformed an old garage into his home; a cool and edgy loft. Almost a month later I am still in awe. His home was so awe-inspiring!

Although masculine, it was cozy, and felt very accessible. Editing down is cleary not applicable in thishouse. James has a myriad of vintage collections; from vintage cameras, to playboy prints, apothecary bottles and taxidermy. His toilet is covered with vintage Playboy pages. He uses an old liquor bottle as a soap dispenser. Focal point in his bedroom is a motorcycle on top of his bookcase. The list of awesomeness and creativity goes on and on. I feel honoured that I was allowed to photograph his home. And if you think this is all, I shared more of my photos and an exclusive interview with James on my Houzz page! 



All photos © Louise de Miranda

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