Home Tour: A Copper Crush warms up a bachelor’s pad

Lately I’ve been totally absorbed in photographing home interiors. Since it is winter there is nothing else to photograph really. The weather is dreary, nature is bare, and my home is too dark to photograph food. What I love most about photographing homes is meeting all these different people and learning about their style and why they make certain choices. It inspires me to enhance my own home as well.

One of the homes that I recently photographed is the house of a Dutch man in Amsterdam. It was the perfect example of how you can transform a small space into a real design apartment by editing down your stuff, and by making conscious choices about the colour scheme and materials you use. The owner, Kees, developed a real copper crush after his interior designer, Anja Hesp,  suggested a copper accent wall. The copper crush extended to accessories and even painting the central heating pipes copper. For a complete and detailed description of the interior, the owner, the concept and the remodeling, visit all my photos and text on Houzz. For now, a sneak peek of this wonderful home. As mentioned, all interior styling is done by Anja Hesp.



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