How to mimic the Bohemian Luxury style from the San Giorgio Hotel

Two years ago I blogged about the über hip hotel San Giorgio in Mykonos. With its raw wood furniture, wicker accessories and textured rugs, tapestry and pillow cases, it is the quintessential bohemian luxurious style. Bohemian luxury is becoming more popular by the minute. The style is laid back, uses natural materials and earth tone hues that evoke rest and relaxation. Naturally I would love to go to the San Giorgio hotel to experience it, but if you can’t, there is always the possibility of mimicking the style at your own home. Let’s have a closer look at the hotel’s interior and what makes it so loveable.[continue reading after photos]

San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos, stereosis photography San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos, stereosis photography

The style is characterized by traditional crafts, like wicker weave carpets, rotan lamps and embroidered cushions. Details from far-flung destinations are combined and tastefully mixed and matched. The spaces are designed in a way in which people can live in harmony with nature with furniture made of natural substances. The global approach with influences from many nomadic cultures makes the style highly likeable to different people. It is a decoration style for those who love to travel and mix cultural design artifacts with reclaimed and modern pieces. It combines rustic and reclaimed furniture, new pieces mixed up with vintage finds, Moroccan style lanterns and candles, hand made rugs, colorful pattern accent pillows, with a strong mix of natural materials and earthy tones. [continue reading after photos] SANGIORGIOMYKONOS_HOTEL_8998 San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos, stereosis photography San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos, stereosis photography San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos, stereosis photography SANGIORGIOMYKONOS_ROOMS_MARE_9502

How to replicate the style in your own space

After seeing these beautiful photos of the San Giorgio hotel,wouldn’t you want to replicate this eclectic style? Start by painting your walls white, and using natural materials like concrete, wood, and natural fabrics for the larger pieces. Finish the look with accessories that say gypsy and nomad. Here’s an overview to get you started:

bohemian chic
Moroccan pendant lamp – Zenza | bench – Tierlantijn | Moroccan lanterns – Tierlantijn | rug – Deens | pillow – el Ramla Hamra | tiles – designtegels | Moroccan trays – Tierlantijn | wicker lamp shade – kamer26 | basket – Tierlantijn | egg chair – global sources

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