Trend: Round Mirrors

I noticed a mini-trend that is slowly growing and might become the next big thing in interior styling: round mirrors. Especially round mirrors with leather straps (inspired by Tom Dixon) or otherwise suspended, are very popular. But also the elegantly dramatic sun shaped mirrors are winning territory. The round mirror is not so much functional, as more decorative. I have also seen many examples of an accent wall with round mirrors grouped together to make a striking statement. I love it, because it gives your space extra light and dimension by the effects of their reflection, and it makes your room look larger when hung strategically. What do you think? Will you embrace this trend?
Merci Brooklyn Wallpaper

round mirrors

round mirror



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  1. Oh the first and last ones are so pretty. I love the Scandinavian minimalistic look of these mirrors with a little chain. Also, these can be used everywhere in the house.

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