Inspirational home: Muted blues and shades of grey

At the Dutch furniture & lifestyle fair the ‘woonbeurs’ that took place last week I soaked up enough interior inspiration for the coming year.  The most prominent Dutch interior magazines presented some of the upcoming trends and styling ideas to copy in your own home. The inspirational house by interior magazine VT Wonen was all about  moody colours this year. The style was characterized by muted blue hues, and a dark colour palette of shades of grey, and burgundy, paired with copper. Their trompe d’oeuil wallpaper that mimics wood panels and their bathroom tiles were however the real eye-catchers. To celebrate their 50th anniversary they also launched a collection of black and white plates that were grouped together as a gallery on the kitchen wall.  I also noticed a lot of retro influences and a robust simplicity in the styling.


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  1. I love it! Moody greys and blues work so well together. It looks really cozy and perfect for a long winter. I also love the tiles – patchwork tiles seem to be going strong again this year.

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