Athens hot spot: Da Vinci Gelato in Monastiraki

What is a holiday without ice cream? Athens’ temperatures can get really high, leaving you hot and longing for something to refresh and cool down. After a visit to the historical sites, and a shopping spree in Monastiraki, I discovered the newly opened Italian ice cream parlour Da Vinci Gelato on the corner of Hadrian (no […]

Buttercream Christmas trees

Christmas is the international accepted excuse to indulge in everything that is bad for your figure. So if you’re going to sin, let’s do it abundantly! Ever had Christmas trees made of puff pastry, filled with ice cream and covered with butter cream? It’s so easy to make! My cream design does need some work, […]

The perfect Holiday dessert: Cranberry Poached Pears

I found the perfect Christmas dessert recipe on Martha Stewart’s website. Although she features it as a Thanksgiving dessert, I think it just as well fits on a Christmas menu, especially because of the colour and ingredients used.  With some small alterations, I made it my own. It’s a delightful and delicious winter treat as […]

Professor Grunschnabel Ice Cream

Ice Cream gemaakt zonder melk, room of andere dierlijke producten. Geen toegevoegde suikers en smaakstoffen, en 100% natuurlijk. Dat klinkt misschien in eerste instantie als kippesoep zonder kip, of cake zonder eieren. Toegeven, ik was ook een beetje aan het twijfelen toen ik het kocht, want kon dit wel lekker zijn? Maar ik kan je […]