Home Tour: A Family Home Full of Contrasts

On a dreary afternoon I drove to the home of Myrle and Mark in the Dutch city Zwolle to photograph their house. The couple moved into the newly built house six years ago, and since it was new, they had carte blanche in their decorating choices. From the materials, to the colour scheme, they could make it a home exactly to their liking. And since Mark has a knack for DIY projects, they could also save on spendings. The result is a real Dutch family home full of contrasts. Contrasts in colour: black and white and vibrant red. Contrast in old and new things: Myrle and Mark mixed and matched vintage furniture, like a stool made by grandpa, with a modern chair, or an old door with a modern sleek TV console next to it. Contrast in styles: A mid century cocktail chair with a contemporary sofa and a romantic cabinet.

Pieces with nostalgia, handmade furniture and accessories, and heirlooms add character and life to an otherwise sterile newly constructed family home. By using black in their colour scheme the couple added depth, dimension and visual contrast to their spaces. Their mixing of materials like copper, wood, and leather creates interest and fun. Join me on a tour of this simple yet warm and comfortable home.



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2 thoughts on “Home Tour: A Family Home Full of Contrasts

  1. Lower budget homes are always so interesting so observe, often being very creative with loads of DIY ideas. I like the glossy magazines ones too but I guess it’s all about the right mix!

    1. Yes that is what I like most about it too. The creativity of people is amazing. I wish I was more of a DIY-er, because I think it is very rewarding to have a home with things you made yourself.

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