Livly: fashion forward childrens clothing

Earlier this week there was the annual childrens fashion exhibition in Amsterdam. A brand that I feel was missing and which I’m really swooning over is Livly. It’s a fairly new Swedish brand, which made its first appearance in the fall of 2011. Designer Lisa Carroll takes classic pieces and gives them a fun and contemporary look. She works with bright colours, bold zippers, lace details, ruffles on the shoulder, and balloon skirts. Trends we see in high fashion are translated to a child-friendly silhouette, making it stylish and adorable at the same time. And the quality is exceptionally good as she works with cashmere, cotton and soft fabrics so your child can wear the clothes to the playground as well as to a party. My favourite is the white Louise dress with pleads and button details. And that’s not because of its name 🙂

Livly is available through their own website or at  or at

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